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Summary: Sunsets, Thwartway Island, Beaurivage Island, interesting weather, sailing close-hauled, swimming with anchor and chain, rainbows, zebra mussel beach, and other interesting photos.



The Crew:

Swimming with 7.5kg anchor and 25' of 1/4" chain.

Angi and Malcolm way below on the dock.


Dave perched on the mizzen.


Charlie in Top Hat and tails

Angi has an idea...


 Crewmembers 1,2,3.




Sailing in some weather:


Al Hoceima, close-hauled...





and taking a bit of spray.

Paul on Belle Argo's helm


Close-hauled, jib and jigger, taking a bit of a pounding


Look Over there...

Paul spots the quarry



Gord on Here Be Dragons



The skipper giving the helmsman (helmsbird?) directions


Rainbows and Sunsets:

Ram Island rainbow off the stern of Belle Argo

Port Credit 180 Rainbow

Click to Play the Video

PCHM Sunset

Belle Argo at Beaurivage Island

Mid-lake sunset


Here's one on another day

Thwartway Island - changing shades of the same sunset.

The first photo...

Maybe five minutes later...



And a bit later again.



Lake Erie Sunset





Sailor's Training Regimen:


The Three Amigos


Arrrrr, Have ye ever been to sea, Billy?




First catch of 2008!


Not a sailing pic, but one of my favourites of the boys :)

31" pike and a really WHITE sailor

Mama Goose - unfortunately, she really did consider it her nest and actually laid an egg.

Ducks caught me doing my laundry (while swimming - a bit odd, I guess)

A bit of bread makes for some fast friends




Other favourite shots:


Three seconds later, the wave knocked him on his butt :)

One Long beach.


Theresa in the wind.


Wispy tree in the wind.


SHORT sailing season in Ontario, Canada!

How many girls can you fit into an 18.5' boat?

A beach made of Zebra Mussel shells!

A close-up.


Some distant rain showers





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