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Knot tying videos with how-to instructions for all sorts of practical and decorative knots and splices



Summary: How-to knot tying videos of some of our most commonly used knots and slices.  With the number of videos on our site growing and growing, we've had to reorganize them.  Our instructional knots videos and splices are now listed by type with a dedicated page for each.


You'll find our Top 6 "Must Know" Knots List, a video explaining Knot Tying Terminology below, and our current List of Knots below.



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Books on Knots and Marlinspike we think are useful


There are literally thousands of knots (take a look at the Ashley Book of Knots if you think I'm exaggerating!), but a relatively small number of them are in common use aboard our boat. 


Most of the basics can be accomplished with fewer than ten, but we have a number of special-purpose or slightly more decorative knots in use as well.


We have how-to videos for most of the knots (just click on the photos to play the videos) and are constantly working to add videos and new knots and splices to our list. Please check back often!


If there is anything that you'd like to see here, please Contact Us with your request.

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Our Top 6 List of must-know sailor's knots - Click the photos for a "How-To" knot tying video.




Forms a temporary loop that is strong and always easy to untie once the tension is off the line.

Sheet Bend


Used to join two ropes together.  The ropes can be of differing sizes and this knot is always easy to untie.

Round Turn and

Two Half Hitches


Used to attach a rope to a railing or other fixed object.

Reef Knot


Used when reefing sails, using a rope as a lashing or binding, or to tie your shoes.


Rolling Hitch or Tautline Hitch


Used to attach a rope to another rope, railing or other fixed object where the direction of pull is in-line with the other object.

Figure of Eight


A quick and easy stopper knot to prevent a rope from pulling through a block or other object.



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Knot and Rope Terminology

Click to view the video explaining common knotting and rope-work terms.

(The odd squeal you hear in the background is Charlie the Goffin Cockatoo trying to get in on the conversation!)


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List of Knots

The links will take you to the page where you will find that knot, and others of the same type.


Anchor Hitch
Artillery Hitch
Artillery Loop

Back Splice
Bill Hitch
Blood Knot
Bowline on the Bight
Bowline with Seizings
Bucket Hitch
Butterfly Knot

California Taper
Carrick Bend
Cat's Paw

Cat O' Nine Tails
Chain Plait
Clove Hitch
Constrictor Hitch
Constrictor Hitch - Cast in a Bight
Cow Hitch
Crown and Wall Knot
Cut Splice

Double Lineman's Loop
Double Sheet Bend
Draw Hitch

Earring Cringle
Earring Splice
Eye Splice (3-strand )
Eye Splice (Double Braid)

Eye Splice and Toggle

Figure of Eight
Franciscan Monk's Knot

Gasket Hitch
Good Luck Loop
Grass Bend

Handcuff Knot
Hangman's Noose
Heaving Line Knot

Icicle Hitch - Method 1
Icicle Hitch - Method 2
Icicle Hitch Variant

Japanese Knot
Jury Knot

Klemheist Hitch

Lark's Head
Long Splice

Man Harness from a Tom Fool's Knot
Monkey's Fist (decorative)
Monkey's Fist (practical)

Ocean Plait

Poldo Tackle
Portuguese Bowline
Portuguese Bowline on the Bight
Prusik Hitch

Quick Turn

Reef Knot
Ring Splice
Rolling Hitch
Rolling Hitch Variation
Rope Ladder
Rope to Wire Splice
Round Plait
Round Turn and Two Half Hitches

Shackle Splice
Shamrock Knot
Sheepshank from a Tom Fool's Knot
Sheet Bend
Short Splice
Single Lineman's Loop
Spanish Bowline
Square Knot
Stopper Knot
Strait Bend
Surgeon's Knot

Tack Knot
Tarbuck Knot
Tautline Hitch
Thief Knot
Three Part Crown
Tom Fool's Knot
Trucker's Hitch
True Lover's Knot
Turk's Head Knot
Turk's Head Knot - Flat / Plait

Wall and Crown Knots

Wall and Crown Knots (splicing)

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