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Welcome to our site!

It has been quite a while since we've updated our website, and things have changed for us quite a lot.

In October of 2009, we moved the boat to Harbour West Marina in Hamilton, Ontario, and had her hauled-out for the winter. We lived ashore (not on the boat) in 2010.

In the spring of 2010, Malcolm and I did 6 years' worth of hull maintenance (the boat hadn't been out of the water at all in the years that we lived aboard her!), moved the waterline stripe up about 6" because with all our stuff aboard, it had been perpetually looking like we were sinking, and got her ready for the water in time for the spring launch.

In the summer of 2011, we decided to make our land-based life more permanent and bought a house in Hamilton, still keeping the boat at Harbour West marina and making the most of the sailing season on her, taking our holidays to make a trips to the eastern end of Lake Ontario, visiting Kingston, Main Duck Island, Waupoos, and the 1000 Islands area.

And here's the big news (for us, at least)... Al Hoceima has been sold. It's a bit of an end of an era for me (Dave) - Al Hoceima has been with us for about 12 years and has been our home and our vacation location ever since we acquired her in 2004. It'll take a bit of adjusting for me... Somehow I suspect I won't be boatless for too long - I think the longest stretch that I've managed since starting sailing on my first boat in 1994 was about one year. We'll see!

Otherwise, we hope you poke around the website a bit, check out the knot tying videos, read about some of our projects and adventures while living aboard our boat, “Al Hoceima”, a 41’ steel Petit Prince ketch year 'round in Port Credit, Ontario, on Lake Ontario.

Dave and Angi
April 25, 2016

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